Furthermore, with frequent updates in the drivers, some chipset manufacturers also provide added compatibility to newer hardware. As we discussed earlier, these drivers are extremely important for running different hardware components. Avast driver updater can help you resolve these issues and improve your PC’s performance.

can't update drivers windows 11

You should take extra precautions and start using a VPN program. However, if you think of yourself as an advanced computer user, you can try to get rid of WinZip Driver Updater virus from your device manually.

Frequently Asked Questions about Driver Updater Software

Additionally, they say it’s a free download, but it’s only for 3 months. Outbyte Driver Updates lets you choose the drivers you want to back up in case you want to save a copy of your current driver. This is very useful when you encounter a problem with the latest driver. With a backup copy of your driver, you can easily roll back to the previous working version of the driver. You can either select specific or all of your drivers to back up.

  • There is a high probability that Driver Updater is not the only PUA that has infiltrated your computer.
  • If you’re looking for a portable driver installer that doesn’t require installation, Snappy Driver Installer Origin should be on your list.
  • Next on our list of free driver updater for Windows bit is AVG driver updater software.
  • Note, however, that the ‘free version’ of Driver Updater is only able to scan the system and cannot fix issues.
  • Similarly, Avast One lets you protect 5 devices with its Individual plan or 30 devices with its Family plan and nothing in between.

Besides its many benefits, Avast Driver Updater has also some drawbacks. Avast Driver Updater provides only a trial version that provides no updates. This is handy so you don’t have to click through so many windows when installing new drivers. If something goes critically wrong because of a new driver you had downloaded through the app, you’ll want an old restore point around. The Avast Driver Updater has direct access to a file with 500,000 different types of up to date drivers. When you press the scan button, the software starts to find all the drivers currently being used on your device.

Easy to install, use, and control

There are many so-called driver updaters available in the marketplace that can severely harm your machine. However,